Waking Dream Photography

In the spirit of Burning Man’s  10 principles, these photos made with love are A Gift for You.

My Little Gift Economy Story


My Gratitude

These photos are a gift for you, and I was able to give them to you because 3 friends gave me private loans for the camera body, the lens, travel and Burning Man.


My Joy

I absolutely love photography and am overjoyed to have some equipment again. Now I can play with the beauty we are, and make art out of our mystic dream lives....


Our Story

Our communities help the world go around. Due to the support of my friends, I was able to gift these photos for you. I'm inviting you to join the communal effort to support the cause of this art.


This page is to invite to you to participate in  this photography journey by gifting our community at large by helping me acquire equipment.

Through Photography, Master Courses, Media, XR and Technology, I’d love to help people feel more joy, beauty, awe and wonder by knowing self & community honor, personal mystic magic, the spirit of life, great health and  wonderful bliss.

Would you like to participate in the communal effort? We’d be honored.

dream journey photography


Wish List

Dream photography deserves lenses .

Gift Card

It’s beautiful to gift.

Waking Dreams 2022 | Gallery

Dreamy Car

Dreamy Car was built by a dream team, obviously...


Omh, a musical treat! A dancing feat.. Dancing umbrella man... happy dawning!


Wowza! These people are AMAZING!!

Dream Journeys

Also join me for Dream Activations.

We are the Dreamers… Waking Dreams 2022

Thank You

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