Our Designs

Our Designs focus on Evolutionary Futures that begin with the Human  Experience Potential

Our Current Projects

Technology of Self

A podcast about innovations in wellness. We bring discussion, interviews and experiences live on

  • The Technology We Are
  • Healing Innovations
  • Social Innovations
  • Technology innovations
  • Being Smart Humans
  • The Future of Humanity
  • Humanity and Technology
  • Experience Technology
  • Experience Media
  • Experience Labs
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AXIIXA ART is a surprise creation where artist D.E. Lovenberd is able to bring her imagination to life with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence where she expresses her dream visions for humanity.

AXIIXA is a future self who comes forth to share the human potential through visual representation of our energy bodies, love, bliss, peace and co-creation.


A hybrid system that supports the mindful wealth of the human experience and inspires evolution as we choose it collectively. We are systems creators, designers, architects and developers.  We look forward to upgrading the human dream with technology, media and love. Join us.

Our Community Projects

Vortex Immersion

Vortex Immersion creates immersive experiences in real life in domes with film, music, art, visuals, concerts and theatre. 

We helped them create a new online presence with an updated website that showcases the work they’ve done and the intentions for further collaborations.

They’re pioneers in creation, and we’re proud to team up with them.

#immersiveexperiences #fulldomes #immersiveart


Dream Consulting

We help inspire dreams to come true by advising and consulting with clients and entrepreneurs about their clients.

We support dream projects with

  • Dream Coaching
  • Design Coaching
  • Project Advising
  • Product Design



Photography has always been big love & joy.

We’ve taken on some fun projects that include the photography of our friends and associates while at Burning Man, fashion, workshop experiences and art.

We’ll be putting up more in our gallery as soon as we can!

Hire us for a private photoshoot — we just love it.


The natural incarnation of discussion with innovators and creators of the evolving human potential experience, is a collective of people devoted to the future of life on earth through their dream creations.

Dreamspaces is in development.

It aims to support, inspire and incentivize creators for a conscious evolution through our expressions of art, media and technology.

#collectivecommunity #consciousart #consciousevolution

Conscious Playground

Conscious Playground was an original virtual reality experience when the pandemic closed our doors, we created virtual experience for Burning Man multiverses.

The intention of Conscious Playground was to be a lift off pad for a new reality by having digital experiences including Domes of Consciousness which surrounded a Sacred Fire tended by Wisdom Keepers, a Dreamcatcher and Altar for your dreams, a Speaker Stage, and a Sound Stage.

The platform we used is private. 

Let us know if you’d like to see this conscious creation in the multiverse! 

#metaverse2020 #multiverse2020 #virtualreality2020


Awaken Dream Synergy

Awaken Dream Synergy was a network of innovators and agents of new, conscious creations that was begun during the pandemic.

We hosted 80 calls that helped support a league of conscious creators, innovators, designers and developers to internetwork, support and discover each other.

It was a time of hope during the dim times of the pandemic, and many continue with their projects now funded or about to be funded!

Let us know if you’d like to support our conscious creators! 

#consciousnetwork #conscioustech #consciouscommunity

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As artists, designers, information architects and developers, we have causes for our creations, we choose value for life, and, we’re spinning a movement.. 

Check out our projects, and if you like what you feel, join us!