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Dreaming Life to the fullest

We are Dream Vessel Studio

we dream of love everywhere

Our Design Mission

We are visionary designers, information architects and developers. We have causes for our creations, for our careers, for our choice for our lives. And, we’re spinning a movement — a weave of a new fabric of reality based on what humans truly value. 

We believe that when each sovereign individual is given the potential to create offerings based on life thriving, health, wellness and peace within and in all our connections, that we’ll come into a space many call the new earth, and we will no longer be on the brink of extinction rather, we’ll be in the flow of the grace life on earth truly is.

We’re in paradise already, let’s honor this gift of life together. Let’s weave a profound weave of life in this next wave.

Technology of Self

The ultimate dream journey, a podcast for health and wellness innovations. Visiting labs, interviewing experts and becoming a guinea pig to heal an assymetrical structure, is a journey of a lifetime that all the works of Dream Vessel Studio is based on — coming alive to our bodies through deepening our conscious evolutionary momentum.  This experience has been beautifully designed. We’re looking forward to continuing this dream journey. 

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Join us for his dream journey

Technology of Self ™


Conscious Evolution Experience Journalism & Education

Host | D.E. Love

Conscious Playground

A Metaverse for Conscious Coherence Play. We have Domes of Consciousness, Pyramids of Sound, a Larger than Life Dreamcatcher, Stages, Lounges all of which were built around a sacred fire

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The Conscious Playground, A Burning Man Multiverse 2020

A Conscious Collective Metaverse Space to Dream Together.

Art Director & Producer | D.E. Love

3D Artists | Michael Gartner, Mark Lee, David Diamondheart 

Community | Awaken Dream Synergy

Platform | Ozone

Awaken Dream

 Awaken Dream Synergy and Awaken Dream Earth are two pieces of the same momentum. We have an innovators club where we meetup  regularly and out of that has emerged a growing incubator and collective of creators synergizing inspired efforts for new earth health, wellness and biosystems oriented projects

We met, we are an island of coherence knowing about each other’s hearts, souls and conscious based projects.

We had 80 recorded Zoom calls (available privately.)
We are each updating our projects to awaken conscious earth dream.

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Join us on our dream journey

Awaken Dream


A Conscious Collective Dream Project Synergy Space.

Instigating Co-Founder | D.E. Love

Come Home to Your Dream

Let's magnetize our dream lives together

It is our nature to be Beautiful, to be Pure, to Love and to Thrive. Basic human instincts have taken us far. time to next level it, time for Conscious Evolution. It all starts with a dream.