Our Creations

Our creations are born out of the brilliance of our embodied dreams

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Technology of Self™

A Human Evolution Podcast

Potency is innate to humanity. Upgrading our Health, Wellness and Self-Care Experiences is a Conscious Evolution. Aimed to inspire and inform, this podcast interviews top experts and influencers in the emerging wellness evolution movement.

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Reframe Your Reality

UPDREAM is a platform app  being developed by D.E. Love and synergizing dream team to inspire upgraded mental and physical wellness through the experience repertoires geared toward mindbody health, personal growth and emotional energy evolution.

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Lotus Love Dreams

Journey of Personal Empowerment

Aspiring to heal D.E. Love went on a transformational journey including meditation, dream, sense and embodiment practices. She hopes to inspire people to reclaim their mind, body and spirited energy after stress or trauma. Remember to thrive.

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Vortex Immersion

Immersive Entertainment

Vortex Immersion Media is blazing a trail to the future with immersive entertainment using 360º domes, VR, augmented reality and machine learning. We created this next generation immersive media team’s website as a resource that showcases their projects. [Note: Video by Vortex, site by Dream Vessel]

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Water Connoisseurs

Vitalized Drinking Water

Water Connoisseurs represents a drinking water movement that sources high quality, hydrating water as a healthful, solution in times where upgraded energy is needed. Offering insight on filtration, pH, Hydrogen, Ionization, Structure, and Life Waters this site is becoming a resource of information to educate and enhance water consumption choices.

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A New Era

Frequency Therapy

We Love Energy Frequencies. So we created this video for our favorite offer, the Centropix Kloud, Pulsed Electromagnetic Activation. Stay tuned for our “The Energy Store” offerings where we will share the best of the tested, enjoyed and reviewed, systems that we choose to share with you!

Deck Designs

Design Mastery

Crafting a pitch deck means transforming ideas into impactful visual stories. With expertise in modern design and AI tools, we actualize your vision brilliantly. From refining brand identity to articulating your message with persuasive content, each aspect of our process is meticulously crafted for clarity and style.”.

A.I. Art

Digital Art

We make digital art! We are updating this space right now. 


Digital Photography

We love photography! We are updating this space right now. More to be added.

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Awaken Dream Earth Life

A Conscious Innovation Network

Hosted by D.E. Love, our Conscious Dream Collective shared  Dream Projects, Synergies and Networked around the world for 1.5 years during the pandemic. We met, and got to know and honor each other’s life purpose, visions and dreams. This weekly gathering was aimed to support the future of thriving life on earth through our gifts, our dreams, and our creations.

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Conscious Playground

A Conscious Metaverse

This virtual reality space was built for conscious evolution by consciousness artists, musicians, architects, philosophers and creators. Our team built this metaverse projects in the Multiverses of Burning Man 2020. With the support of Scarlett Arana of BitBasel, Daka Phoenix of XR Labs and Michael Gartner, D.E. Love directed this metaverse spaceship as a playground of consciousness.

Heartland Retreat

Collective Spirit

Creating the Heartland Retreat website was a collaborative effort to bring the client’s vision to life. My role focused on implementing the design, ensuring functionality, and managing the site. The result is a polished and professional website that effectively showcases the unique experiences offered by Heartland Retreat.

Steven Weissberg

Solutions Architect

Steven Weissberg, an Information Architect, Innovations Specialist and Business Analyst wanted a website that depicts his intricate studies and skills for developing and managing digital innovations. We went through design ideas and are completing his updated professional experience site here.

IGNITE Your Dream

Let's align dreams

It is our nature to be Beautiful, to be Pure, to Love and to Thrive. Basic human instincts have taken us far, time to uplevel our human experience, with Conscious Evolution on all levels. 

It begins with a dream.