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Dream With Us

  • Design & Developer Expertise
  • Courses in Innovative Design
  • Experiences in Media of Mind
  • Live Interviews & Presentations
  • Weekly Studio Hours
  • Networking with Conscious Tech Like-Minds

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We design...

Design Coach

In our community, we have experts in
— AI Art
— NFTs
— Innovative Product Design
— Social Media
— Search Engine Optimization
— Web Site Design & ProductionBrand 

Let’s start with a free 30 minute Discovery Call to Design Your Dream

we Dream

Dream Coach

We believe in humanity coming alive through their subconscious awakening to how they love to create their lives.

Dream Coaching introduces a series of techniques to enliven your personal experience and your purposeful creations.

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Includes Dream Space Collective community membership as Dreamer

  • 1x Dream Coach Call
  • Discount Codes
  • Early access to NFTs
  • Backstage Pass

Brand Ally

You can join us as a Brand Ally in several ways. 

With our team of qualified experts, we can

  • Bring it into modern times
  • Create Smart AI-Art
  •  Coach you on how-to-create your own brand

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+ Accelerate your brand 
+ 1x Design Coach Call
+ Align with the collective
+ Add your logo to our site
+ Get 2x mentions in our media
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For your innovations, we have several offers

With our pioneering, digital innovations team in Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Design, and MVP production, we can support you in creating your innovations.

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PACKAGE #03 – $1414

+ Initial Participating Membership
+ 3 months membership
(or until good following)
+ A digital card to your org in our public page
+ An NFT
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Join us for this dream journey

Technology of Self ™


Conscious Evolution Experience Journalism & Education

Host | D.E. Love

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© AXIIXA.ART | DreamSpaceCollective.net
Dream Space Collective

Let's Dream Together

We bring alive our creations by honoring our gifts and bringing them to life. Become a member.

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  • Courses in Media of the Mind: Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound
  • Courses in Innovative Design, AI, Gaming, Social Media
  • Early Access to  Expert Interviews
  • Community Networking
  • Studio Hours with Community Experts
  • Community Participation

Dream Space Collective

Dream Space Collective is born out of years of design experience, networking and envisioning what the world needs through technology, design and human potential for our individual and collective conscious evolution.