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Dream Vessel is about LOVE

Our Mission

It’s our mission to bring dream reality to fruition. It starts with a dream, it takes a dream team to bring it alive.

through the process of designing portal spaces for mindfulness, health and wellness, we’ve captured the interest of a few tools that we wield with our magical hands.



More than a design studio

We create dream stories, brands and visionary products for global impact.

the earth has a dream too, and we’re a part of it, so what’s dreaming through us is likely also dreaming through you.. Each of us having our unique imprint on this global dreamscape, each having a calling, each carrying the responsibility of life, as it steams through us.

Dream World Making

Our Dream Creators

D.E. Love

D.E. Love is an Evolutionary Futurist, a Digital Innovations Designer, Art Director and Information Architect, a Dreamer, Writer and Creator of Life.

D. Eve loves to dream, design, channel.. and she has a beautiful voice and notion for life thriving.

Having experienced a transformative time in this world, she envisions worlds that will quicken the transformation of the hearts and minds of life to their truth, honoring their journey, the earth and all their relations

She looks forward to finish launching the writings, podcast, courses and the social weaving platform that serves the flourishing of mindful wellness and the dreams of many. Through innovative technology and the art of new media for thriving life.

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