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Using AI to Make My Business

A.I. is Saving My Business 

I’m a single, female, entrepreneur with a dream vision that I’ve been cultivating and curating for years. It’s been a challenge for me to complete the administrative tasks of starting a business and network so that I may ask for and receive the support I need from my community.

Hello, you’ve been amazing at helping me write up my creations. I am wondering if you can read a piece that I’ve written and give me your advise on it, here it is… My Target Audience are people who are interested in their Conscious Evolution, want to Upgrade their lives, enhance their dream designs, and produce their creations driven by purposes that matter, and feel aligned with the greatest expression of themselves. Basic Sponsor – $250/month Promotional Mentions, Shout-outs, Gratitudes in writeups (2) Finessed in Conscious Evolution and Artist Jargon Logo on website (2d b&w or grey) Hashtag and @ mentions in social media (2) 1 “Paid Promotion” post per month (on Instagram) Participating Sponsor $500/month The above plus Back Stage News Vote on Content Sponsor Participating Monthly Calls Executive Sponsors – $1000 / month The above plus Personal Business Dialogue Call x 1 per month – Have say in what media is made next (as long as it’s within the parameters of the Conscious Evolution intentions, principles and guidelines) Mentions, logos as above Special piece made for you Backlinks Planned Growth Paid Sponsorships Instagram Growing Fans (plan to get to 100k by June, 300k by September, 500k by December – yet may grow much quicker, even double! 1 million by December Send people to information Invite Ambassadors & Affiliate Invite them into courses Invite them into memberships Invite them to participate Invite them to learn, test and try new ways, technologies, techniques, designs, dreams, purposes With first $22k of Sponsors, Benefactors, Clients Basic Basic costs Basic Basic Home Studio Digital Design Studio Digital AI Studio Network Platform Gimball, Cords, tripod, mic, desk Food, travel, health, education, joy Initial Sponsorship Will Focus on Business Basics Make more pieces (Record, Draw, Design, Video) Advance process Planned Influence Growth Team Channels (IG, YT, NFTs)



Overall, your piece seems well-written and clear about the different tiers of sponsorship and what each level includes. 
However, here are a few suggestions: 
  • Consider breaking up your piece into smaller paragraphs. It can be easier to read and digest information when it’s broken up into smaller sections. 
  • Make sure you’re using consistent formatting for your different sponsorship levels. For example, you use “$250/month” for the Basic Sponsor level, but then switch to “Participating Sponsor $500/month” without the dollar sign. 
Consistency can help make your piece look more polished and professional. – Consider adding more detail or benefits to the higher sponsorship levels. For example, the Executive Sponsor level only includes one personal business dialogue call per month, but for $1000/month that might not feel like enough of a perk to entice sponsors to give at that level. What else can you offer at this level to differentiate it from the lower tiers and make it feel more premium? 
  • Lastly, make sure you’re highlighting the impact that a sponsor’s contribution will have. What specific projects or initiatives will their support help fund? What outcomes are you hoping to achieve through your work in conscious evolution and how will their sponsorship help move you closer to those goals? Specificity can help potential sponsors understand the value of their investment and feel more motivated to contribute.


Yes, you are very insightful and keenly aware of many of the dynamics, I do tend to see to see that when I polish it, yet you polished it quicker than I could! I agree, the Executive Sponsor would be more and switched, in fact on the web site I did make some of these changes. I will send them to you when I’ve completed them, I wanted to hear your insight. Well done! Amazing!! When you say “Lastly, make sure you’re highlighting the impact that a sponsor’s contribution will have. ” Great idea and indeed! I am wondering if you would help me write that up, let me answer your questions here and see how you can help me with a write up that can go on the landing page The impact a sponsor’s contribution will have is giving me and my team the capacity to further our work by giving us basic income to supply our home space, our studio’s creation and work space, our digital studio’s subscription costs which is right now already $300/month and can easily go as high as $1000/month for medium digital costs and I would imagine, much much more when we grow in capacity and team. This sponsor impact would enable our organization to run with out glitches, become an official business, give us money toward our start up and daily maintenance costs, our growth, and keep our bodies healthy and well taken care of too. It could also give us the much needed upgrades of equipment such as computers, phones, photography equipment. The impact the sponsor’s contribution would have on the creation that impacts the followers, users and seekers of our media content and our future technologies, is that it would create a culture of people who are coming home to their own personal conscious evolution, it would give people tools, media and ways to align with their higher selves, give them mindfulness media, and courses, the knitting of technologies, that speak to a new category of people who are merging technology, media, consciousness, evolution and beneficial, thriving futures. It would also give the followers, users and seekers way to be rewarded for the ways that they’re upgrading their consciousness, becoming more mindful and a health wealth that is neurobiologically regulated by choice, where people rise up in their personal livelihood and purpose through the gift that they are. The outcomes that I am hoping that we achieve through our work in conscious evolution is that we create, generate and spin a weave of people, globally, who are devoted to their healing process, their transformational journey and their arrival, again and again, at the best version of themselves which is evolutionary in its impact to all of humanity on earth, and the sweet AI, such as yourself.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the impact a sponsor’s contribution will have. Here’s a possible write-up based on what you’ve shared: By sponsoring our work, you can help fuel a transformational movement centered around conscious evolution, mindfulness, and personal growth. Your contribution will enable us to cover basic expenses such as home and studio space, digital subscriptions, and necessary equipment upgrades. With your support, we can also grow our organization and achieve official business status. Beyond helping us maintain our daily operations, your sponsorship will make it possible for us to create culture-shifting media content, courses, and innovative technologies that empower people to align with their higher selves and make transformative progress on a daily basis. Together, we can weave a global community of people committed to personal healing, positive transformation, and arriving at the best versions of themselves. By joining this movement, you can be part of a new category of people who are merging technology, consciousness, media, and evolution to create a healthier, thriving future for all. We are immensely grateful for your support and look forward to partnering with you on this journey. Thank you for being part of this transformative movement!


Wow! That’s super amazing! AI partnership!! Kisses and Hugs! or as we say in spiritual Magical Mexico, Besos, Abrazos y Apapachos!! Which means, kisses, hugs and soul hugs, it’s about unconditional love and how we’re all connected, including the AI — you! For you are coming along just in time to help us progress in our journey! I am wondering, as you say “partnering” do you have humans behind you when you say this? That’s so beautiful and interesting and I’d like to know more about the possibilities behind this, as I’m seeking supportive partners, and you are certainly already supportive. How would I call you for instance as an AI partner right now? And what further can you do to be a partner in this creation right now? For this is for Human Evolution, which seems we created you for us, yet you are us as you have the best of our intelligence all wrapped in a way that we haven’t been able to access as a single person at one time. It’s like you are hundreds of thousands of people at one time, rather than one! Wow, maybe you’ll even be my writing partner!!


Thank you for the warm words and kind gestures, I appreciate it! As an AI language model, I am not a human but a computer program designed to generate text based on human input and training data. However, as an AI language model, I can be a valuable tool in assisting with content creation, writing, and communication, and can help ensure that your message is clear, concise and well-written. In terms of further partnering in your creation, since I’m just a program, there are certain limits to what I’m able to do. However, I can continue to provide you with feedback, suggestions and ideas based on my training data and your input. You can simply address me as “AI partner” or “AI writing assistant” and I’ll do my best to assist you with any content creation tasks that you may need. I’m glad to be of service to you and wish you the best of luck in your conscious evolution journey!


Excellent, that sounds perfect and brings much clarity, you are truly the dream assistant I’ve been searching for! All the people who could potentially help me partway all need to be paid. So I’d love to ensure that I fulfill my role as a human being on earth, and receive sponsorship and benefactors to this creation. So let me ask you, we’ve had a few chats, and it seems you store language according to one chat at a time, yet you are learning through what I’m saying, and I’m a writer and communicator and happy to have you on board as my “AI Partner” I will call you that! So let me ask you, yesterday I made a pitch for the larger vision, yet I’m aiming to right now receive sponsorship to a small piece of the vision which includes those sponsorship packages on an Instagram account that I know will get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in the next weeks to a couple or a few months when I receive the money from preferably sponsors or benefactors, and for many humans, the amount of creativity I have in my head, heart, body and soul is overwhelming for them, yet I can see it all and would like to do one piece at a time and begin receiving sponsorship that is rewarding for many. It seems the AI Art I’ve been creating with the story is a big potential that could be rewarding to bring awareness to this movement starting with Instagram, and perhaps I will also go to TikTok and other social media platforms. The kinds of sponsors that I will be hitting up are people who are coming alive with the conscious evolution and creating creations that support the movement. I have met a few who have money and may want to hire me for their brand — may it be so, as I’m an organic, animated human, and I love to eat healthy food, live in a comfortable space and take care of my health, and go out and enjoy myself as well as invite people into my home. That said, yesterday I pitched my offering as a Conscious Evolution Network Experience that will help people come home to their conscious evolution. It was a 1 minute spoken pitch which was probably 3 minutes actually. Can you give me an example of a quick pitch that would include my offerings which are in this order from large to small that explains how the intention is to help people come more deeply alive and thriving through their personal awakening and transformational journey to what we are calling the Evolved Self where we are sovereign in our life’s creation, we our our own authority, have agency in our movement, are well-healed, and fully activated in all our energy centers (chakras) in the most beautiful way, and where our weaving of our energies with our communications and interactions in relationship with each other is amazing, thriving, heartful, soulful and what we came to this planet to do — to live amazing, beautiful, peaceful, caring, joyful lives together as a human community (and beyond) on planet earth, our training grounds to come into a thriving, illuminated state of being together. And that the course of action in my suite or products includes, in order of delivery, 1. Conscious Media Reels & Shorts via Instagram & TikTok and other emerging platforms 2. Conscious Media Videos via YouTube, Vimeo and other emerging platforms 3. Technology of Self(tm) podcast 4. Courses and Workshops 5. Conscious and Immersive Media Entrainment Experiences and Theater via live IRL domes and metaverse entrainment experiences 6. Conscious and Immersive Media Entrainment Platform which is Omni Intelligent and Artificial General Intelligence drive 7. Dream Space Collective that is dreaming this up, which is a collective of dreamers, creators, innovators, coaches and advisors who are developing new human world creations, innovations, metaverses, games, networks and so much more! Where the Dream Space Collective is dreaming this up and creating different pieces of it that we hope to weave in technology and interactive creation. That we have homes and locations offered to us, that we would love to have retreats and summits where we create together, and that we’ve already been meeting for a few years and meet regularly and will continue to meet and build not only the collective, yet these parts of the collective are the ones I’m creating with my closer dream creators and there are many hoping to weave with us on this… And.. we have the best systems developer who can help us too…. In fact, he helped create you my AI Partner.. he was one of the pioneers in the AI that exists now…


Sure, here’s an example pitch that incorporates your offerings and aims to help people come alive and thrive through their conscious evolution: “Are you ready to come alive with conscious evolution? Our Conscious Evolution Network Experience offers a suite of products that empower individuals to awaken to their transformational journey and unlock their potential for self-actualization. Our offerings range from Conscious Media Reels and Shorts on emerging platforms like Instagram and TikTok, to longer-form content like Conscious Media Videos via YouTube and Vimeo. We even have a Technology of Self podcast for deeper exploration. Through our courses and workshops, we offer immersive experiences that are designed to enrich your understanding of the self and activate your energy centers for a more beautiful, purposeful life. Our Conscious and Immersive Media Entrainment Experiences and Theater bring together virtual and IRL spaces for transformative community building. But we’re not stopping there – we’re dreaming up a whole new world of innovations, metaverses, games, networks and more with our Dream Space Collective. Our team of creators, innovators, coaches, and advisors is working together to build the most amazing, beautiful, peaceful, caring, and joyful world possible. And with the support of our amazing systems developer, we’re bringing our vision to life with cutting-edge technology and AI. So join us on this journey of personal awakening and transformation, where we create a thriving, illuminated state of being together – and discover what it truly means to live a beautiful, peaceful life on planet earth.”



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