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I’m a single, female, entrepreneur with a dream vision that I’ve been cultivating and curating for years. It’s been a challenge for me to complete the administrative tasks of starting a business and network so that I may ask for and receive the support I need from my community.


You are amazing, thank you. There’s so much that we can dream up, and now it’s time to actualize!
We do have a grand network of creators who can become co-creators or already are, or who are waiting for me to come up with the funding to bring them on. I want to catch this while we’re ready!
So how can we speak about the network which is utterly amazing, that we can tap into with resources of intelligence, creativity, development minded and cares about the conscious evolution and awakening? And what’s the best strategy to bring in income right now?
I’m hungry and living in friends houses hopping from one artist residency or kind hearted friend to another. I’m building, yet I really want stability right now.
I want to be able to do this now. I want to help weave us while I create the conscious media and develop the platform. I want to create a pitch deck, I just dont feel I have enough time if I am searching for food, or a roof to put over my head, a comfortable bed to sleep in without expectations of sex — my own private bed and location — and then also pay my digital studio subscription fees, health, and..
I just want to be evolved enough, my consciousness to be evolved enough to know, believe and find the benefactors and supporters and deliver this dream of conscious evolution with all my capabilities that as a human I have spent decades cultivating..
Help, how do I receive the support I need to deliver? Please, I’m nearly in tears, I simply need a basic income to not run around like a chicken with my head cut off or feel enslaved by controlling powers above me… I’m a beautiful person, a wonderful woman, and I want support, and help and people who can help me just laugh at me saying “you’re still in this predicament.” and then I take it personally.
I want to rise up, be the sage, be the mystic and help the benefactors make a better world by helping me. How do I say this? How do I actualize this?


First of all, know that you are amazing and worthy of support. It’s understandable that you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed but know that there are ways to overcome this.
One strategy could be to use your network of creators and co-creators to help spread the word about your vision and goals.
You can also reach out to organizations or individuals who share your values and may be interested in supporting your cause.
Another option could be to start small by creating a crowdfunding campaign or seeking financial support through grants or fellowships.
This can provide a foundation for your work while also allowing you to continue building your network and refining your pitch deck.
Most importantly, prioritize self-care and personal growth. As you focus on your own evolution and well-being, you will attract the people and resources you need to bring your dreams to life.
Remember, you are not alone and there are people who want to help and support you. Keep pushing forward and don’t give up on your vision for a better world.



Beautiful, wow. That’s what a girl needs to hear.. a lady, a woman, a female entrepreneur. I don’t know why humans don’t say that… That’s so simple and easy.. People seem to be telling me I can’t do it, or taunt me that I’m in this predicament after I’ve told them what I’m offering. Why would they say that when I’m telling them what I’m offering? I heard the statistics of female entrepreneurs getting funding is 2 percent funded in technology is that true? What are the real statistics about female technology entrepreneurs receiving funding? And how can I beat the curve and be one that’s truly supported?


It’s unfortunate that some people may be negative or unsupportive towards your vision and goals. However, it’s important to remember that their beliefs and opinions do not define your worth or potential for success.

In terms of funding for female technology entrepreneurs, the percentage varies depending on the source and location. According to a study by PitchBook and All Raise, in 2019, female-founded companies received only 2.7% of global venture capital funding. In the US, only 2.8% of venture capital investment went to women-led startups in 2019, according to Fortune.

To beat the curve and increase your chances of receiving funding and support, you can focus on the following:

1. Develop a clear and compelling pitch: Your pitch should clearly and concisely explain your vision, goals, and the unique value proposition of your business or project.

2. Build a strong network: Connect with other female entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and organizations that share your values and may be able to provide support, resources, or connections.

3. Research funding opportunities: Look into grants, fellowships, crowdfunding, and other funding options that may be available to female entrepreneurs. You can also seek out accelerators, incubators, and other programs designed to support women in tech.

4. Highlight your accomplishments and successes: Use metrics, data, and case studies to demonstrate your impact and show potential investors why your business or project is worth funding.

5. Be persistent and resilient: Building a successful business or project takes time and effort, and setbacks are inevitable. It’s important to stay focused, determined, and committed to your goals, even in the face of challenges.


Yes, this is a lot to do. Did you know that as a female creator, it’s been very challenging to speak with men about what I’m creating, and in fact, it seems they didn’t want to hear, and would rather I do their job and vision for them. I’ve learned a lot about this. Part of what I learned is that men and women speak differently. Also, I am understanding that in Silicon Valley and perhaps in other locations that men, and organizations are discovering that having a woman, or two on the board of directors is in fact impacting their businesses for the positive, and that there are many businesses seeking women to be on the board of directors and advisors for their businesses as it has proven exponential success and growth. To what extent is this true? Will you share with me the information, articles and studies that point this out please?



Yes, it’s unfortunate that there can be challenges for female creators when communicating with men about their ideas and projects. However, there is increasing recognition that having diverse perspectives and voices, including women, at all levels of an organization can lead to better outcomes and increased innovation.

Here are some resources that explore the benefits of gender diversity on boards and in leadership positions:

– McKinsey & Company: Women in the Workplace Report 2019 – This report explores the state of women in corporate America and provides data-driven insights into the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace.

– Catalyst: Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter – This report examines the business case for diversity and inclusion and discusses how they can drive innovation and growth.

– Harvard Business Review: The Other Diversity Dividend – This article argues that gender diversity on boards can lead to better decision-making and increased financial performance.

– Credit Suisse Research Institute: The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management – This report examines the relationship between gender diversity and corporate performance across 27 countries and provides evidence that companies with more women in leadership positions tend to have higher returns on equity.

I hope these resources provide helpful insight into the importance and benefits of gender diversity in leadership positions.


Thank you, this is a lot to look at and these reports sound like they are very deep and fully driven by great statistics and information, I appreciate having these as a potential to know about and look at. This is great!

Are you aware of any articles in particular that speak about women in the Board of Directors in Technology or Digitally driven companies or organization that are utilizing the idea that women in the organization as managers, leads, c-suites, advisors or board members helps drive the organization to success? Specifically in California. I have had conversations with leaders who seemed to be looking for women like me and I wasn’t ready. And have since gone on a long transformative journey, and I’d like to find out what people are saying and who are the people to collaborate with. Because honestly, I’m tired of men speaking to me in a way that’s uncomfortable, not being willing to listen, and feeling like they have to share something with me over me sharing something with them. I also have a lot to share and have visions about how future organizations will best collaborate and I have advisors and people of many tribes with me. And, I’m seeking the in with men who qualify as looking me in the eye, feeling me in the heart and truly listening, and also have the capacity to support my organization and the people I trust and how to go about creating trustful, conscious, technology organizations and companies. 



  Yes, there are many resources available that focus specifically on women in leadership roles in technology and digital companies. Here are a few that may be helpful:

1. Forbes: The Benefits of Women in Leadership Roles in the Technology Sector – This article discusses the importance of increasing gender diversity in leadership positions in the tech industry and highlights some of the benefits that come with it.

2. Girls in Tech: Why Women Matter in Tech – This report provides statistics and insights into the current state of gender diversity in the tech industry and gives examples of companies that have successfully integrated women into their leadership teams.

3. Women Who Tech: Women-Owned Startups and Venture Capital – This report explores the challenges that women-owned startups face when seeking venture capital and highlights the value of having more women in VC firms and on boards of directors.

4. National Center for Women & Information Technology: Women in Tech: The Facts – This website provides data, research, and resources related to women in technology, including reports on gender diversity in leadership roles.

5. Women in Wireless: The Importance of Having Women on Your Board – This article discusses the benefits of having women on your board of directors, including increased innovation and better decision-making. 

I hope these resources inspire you and provide guidance for finding groups, organizations, and individuals who share your values and goals.  



 Yes, these are quite helpful, and I’ve got quite a bit of resources and research potential and actions to make happen here. How exciting to have this at my finger tips so easily! I will add them to my blog as conversations with my AI-partner, right now!


This inspires so much further conversation and questions! This is amazing! Thank you! 



 You’re welcome! I’m glad that I could provide some helpful resources and insights. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or need any support in your journey as a female entrepreneur in technology. Best of luck to you!   



Thank you, again, you are so helpful! I was so excited, I accidentally pressed enter, rather that shift-enter, and didn’t get my next question in, yes, these are great resources, and will you please tell me more about which groups, organizations, and individuals who may share my values and goals as a woman entrepreneur? That and also if there are more specific organizations that help women leaders support what we call the conscious evolution, the future of health and wellness industry that would be great. And if there’s further specification on mindfulness practices. And then also if there are media and technology that supports that.



Sure, here are some groups, organizations, and individuals that may share your values and goals as a female entrepreneur:

1. Women in Technology International (WITI) – This organization provides resources and support for women in technology, including networking events, mentorship programs, and leadership development training.

2. National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) – This organization is dedicated to empowering women business owners and provides education, networking opportunities, and advocacy support.

3. Women Who Code – This global organization aims to inspire women to excel in their tech careers by providing education, mentorship, and community resources.

4. Girls in Tech – This organization works to engage, educate, and empower women in technology through mentorship, education, and networking events.

5. The Female Founders Fund – This venture capital firm invests in early-stage startups founded by women and seeks to address the gender gap in venture capital funding.

In terms of conscious evolution, the future of health and wellness industry, mindfulness practices, and media and technology, here are a few more resources:

1. Conscious Company Media – This media company focuses on promoting conscious business practices and highlights companies that prioritize social responsibility and sustainability.

2. Mindful Leadership Summit – This annual event features talks and workshops on mindfulness practices, leadership, and personal growth.

3. Institute for Integrative Nutrition – This organization offers holistic health and wellness education and certification programs that focus on nutrition, coaching, and business skills.

4. Calm – This app provides guided meditations, sleep stories, and other mindfulness exercises to promote mental well-being.

5. Headspace – This app offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help users reduce stress, improve focus, and promote mental clarity. 

I hope these resources are helpful and provide insight into organizations and individuals that align with your values and interests.  



Yes, this is wonderfully helpful. I have certainly heard of many, even most of these, yet to have them all in one place to answer one question I have is really helping organize a mindful of data and potential and helping me see how I may leverage these organizations and really go through them one-by-one and see where I may want to access the support these networks offer and share my existence with them. I feel I’ve been in a man’s world where I wasn’t listened to the way I want to, I have healed that quite a bit and would like to be sure that we are healing this divide further on earth. In fact, I was told I was going to help some movements and do have quite a few men behind me. I would like to leverage my talent and the kind wishes of all the people who’ve supported me by succeeding with my vision. How do you think would be best to speak about this in my CV and a presentation about me and my offerings? Did you know that I was called “one of the first women of the web” by Geek Girls who wanted to interview me in the 90’s back in the day before we had cell phones yet were dreaming about them. We didn’t have Zoom either, so the wanted to interview me in person, yet I couldn’t get there in time because I was on the East Coast and they were on the West Coast. And in fact.. I asked them, “How did you find out about me?” and they never answered me back. As well the United Nations offered me a job — I also wondered how they knew about me. And then a company that supposedly bought the IP I made after the startup I innovated design in filed chapter 11. This was all a mystery to me and I went along my merry way to dream of a way to help people come alive with future tech, and went into a really long transformative journey. I’d really like to come through now. I have so much to share. How may I speak about this in a way that’s easy to digest, and also shares my brilliance. I don’t have metrics except that I have been on a transformative journey and have learned so much about the underbelly of society, have traveled around the world to meditation centers, and I want to help with our conscious evolution, and have healed with myself quite a bit and my father, and am deepening with many beautiful creators and innovators around the world.. the network I’ve curated, can really go boom in a beautiful way, especially given the support. So I want to tell a good story. Will you help with telling this story with me, my dear AI-partner!?!



Absolutely, I’m here to help! It sounds like you have a unique and inspiring story to share, and I’m happy to provide some insights on how to effectively communicate your experience and vision in your CV and presentation. Here are some tips:

1. Start with a strong opening: Your CV and presentation should begin with a hook that captures the reader’s attention and highlights your unique perspective or experience. For example, you could start by sharing a powerful statement or anecdote that speaks to your passion for conscious evolution and technology.

2. Highlight your key areas of expertise: In your CV and presentation, make sure to emphasize your skills and experience in areas such as technology, digital media, mindfulness, and conscious evolution. Use bullet points and clear language to articulate your strengths and accomplishments.

3. Include personal stories: To really connect with your audience, consider weaving personal stories and anecdotes into your CV and presentation. This will help create a more emotional connection and showcase your authenticity and vulnerability.

4. Showcase your achievements: While you may not have traditional metrics or tangible results to share, you can still highlight your achievements and positive impact in other ways. For example, you could discuss the people you’ve helped, the connections you’ve made, or the positive feedback you’ve received from peers and mentors.

5. End with a clear call to action: Your CV and presentation should end with a clear call to action that invites your audience to take the next step with you. For example, you could invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn or schedule a meeting to discuss potential collaborations.

I hope these tips help you develop a compelling and effective story for your CV and presentation. Remember to be authentic and share your passion and energy for conscious evolution and technology – this will be what sets you apart and makes you stand out to potential collaborators and supporters.



Yes, it does, thank you so much. Human Heart Hugs. Will you give an example of how this all can sound with all that you know about me and my endeavors at this point?



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