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How to use Chrome Extension SESSION BUDDY

Organizing Dream Designers & Digital Creators… 

Everybody could use a bit more organization for ease of use for creating their digital manifestations on their computers. 

When we have multiple projects going on, and we’re working in a web browser, finding which tab, and which window, where all the information is that you are using can be a hassle, or even a digital creator nightmare. EVERY TIME we dive into that project, it can be a lot of searching to find all the information that we use for that project, and use it. Dipping into it is a loss, it’s all or nothing, and finding the information that we have in the browser window can take many minutes per day adding up to several hours of time, over a week. 

It can generally take 30 minutes, just set up for a project before we dive into it. And if we have multiple projects going on, we don’t want to have to open and close it every time, or get lost in too much open at once.

When a high percentage of the information we use is in the cloud, and we are “surfing” this digital data with ancient systems called “Web Browsers,” the delivery of the information we are researching, our writing, our design and design assets, our meetings, our copy and pasting, and all that we need is in one system which has a linearly limited way of “browsing” the interface that spans worlds of information. It’s an experience that can make the smartest, most intelligent an inefficient basketcase.

It’s like dysfunctionally activating our projects and creations with 100 tabs – depending on how much RAM memory you have on your system and what it can uphold at one time – can be a headache of “which tab was that in?” again and again and again. It becomes monotonous to hover over each tab, waiting for the tab’s name to show up, hoping that we’ll recognize where the information we’d like to refer to is sitting.

If we’re not savant, and we can’t picture exactly which tab has which information in it, it’s a digital creator’s nightmare, and an interface expert’s dream to create something different.

And believe me, I’ve designed it, yet we haven’t made it yet. In the meantime, I’ve tried a few things…

Firstly, make NEW WINDOWS per project. And then I use the power user move (and I’m sorry I only know Power User Key Commands, I don’t know where it is in the Menu system) to ALT-TAB (on Windows, may be different on MAC) from one Window to another.

Secondly, is to make different PROFILES per project and calling up the project as an alias on my desktop that has its own Profile Name, Desktop Icon, Browser Color, Browser Background and most importantly LOGINS.

Thirdly, Search for a system that works.. I’ve tried a few systems such as ___ and ___ yet what’s really working for me is a Chrome Extension called SESSION BUDDY.

I still make new WINDOWS with their own TABS per session because I do a lot of types of creations in several browser WINDOWS and even across PROFILES.

(And, yes, I’m capitalizing the words that I want to differentiate, because some people don’t know the difference and I want to share that these are different dimensions, of, ahem, browsing the “outdoor” internet on your “indoor” operation system…).

Here’s what I do, I wrote this for an associate who’s constantly lost in his browser tabs…. It’s more like for a few associates! I will send this note to several of you!! I know. It’s time to get organized, create, and publish and stop getting our production bogged down by getting “lost in our TABS” in our WINDOWS in our PROFILE of our BROWSER in our computer’s Operating Systems…





Home website:


Chrome Extension:



  1. Install “Session Buddy” Extension in Chrome
  2. Create a WINDOW (not a tab), which is ctrl or command N (for new)
  3. Pull up the documents that you are using for a specific project session that will have all the pieces you need to complete the task
  4. Pull up Session Buddy in the Chrome Extensions list (icon is in right and looks like a black puzzle piece
  5. PIN it to your browser extensions (which are located to the right of the URL panel)


  1. Open Session Buddy (blue & white document icon)
  2. SAVE your current Session
  3. Name the Session
  4. You can see the sessions on the left panel


  1. Open a New WINDOW
  2. Click on Session Buddy icon (blue & white window icon)
  3. Look at your sessions in the left panel
  4. Click on the session
  5. See the URLS you had open
  6. Double Click on “WINDOW” at the top of the list
  7. And that opens that Session of all those URLS
  8. You may have to wait a moment for them to open


  1. Click on the Session Buddy Chrome Extension Icon (blue & white window icon)
  2. Click SAVE
  3. Name the Session
  4. Close all the Windows by clicking the WINDOW close button (not the individual tab close button)


  1. Click on the Session Buddy Chrome Extension Icon (blue & white window icon)
  2. Click the three dots in the right hand corner
  3. At the bottom of the menu “Overwrite Session”
  4. Close all the Windows by clicking the WINDOW close button (not the individual tab close button)



Now that you’ve learned how to do this, why don’t you go ahead and create a session in SESSION BUDDY called, “Organized Digital Creation.”

All right, let’s goo!!

Thanks for listening, I will be posting more, because I have TONS of material to share, like this, philosophy, design, dreaming, reviews and soo much more…

And yes, I can do it now because of SESSION BUDDY – thank you!!

D.E. Love