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The Latin phrase “Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet…” begins with the idea that “the pain itself is a lot of pain.”


Most Designers, know this text for its use, it’s a design used globally as a standard dummy text placeholder in print, graphics or web design.

Yet, as a design standard that started long before most of us began to design, why haven’t more designers questioned the use of it, the intention behind the Latin, and changed the standard.


This is design sense beyond the visual, it’s about designing our words, our spells.


To pursue or acknowledge a life of pain because it’s pain is really a past century pursuit. Today our design dream teams opt for philosophical change in our outlook on design, creation and thus mutual sharing of an experiential outcome around the world.


Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit…”


“There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…” 

People around the world add this to their templates of their designs to show that text can go here as a placement textual copy until the real copy is placed for the “real” document. So, the space is only occupied by a clone of non-meaning before, which actually speaks about the normalcy of pain and how it soothes the soul. When you search design templates, most have this phrase if the designer doesn’t get creative and input a phrase of their own.


Gratitude for those designers who break out of the box and get creative! I remember the days and places where you are shunned for not being within design standards, for breaking the rules and designing out of the box.


For me, this is a rule of thumb, to design out of the box. I come from this space of how may I see what is at the edge of the unseen? The Liminal. How may I know more about, experience, and speak about the spaces that we all feel, live and are influenced by, often without even knowing, at the edge of our lack of perception where the subconscious mind dips below the surface of the reality of acknowledgement and into the the cracks of the world underground where bubbles molten volcanic liquid feeling percolate in the parts of existence unseen, unknown, unfelt, unspoken, and yet operating our every momentum.


As an experienced designer in digital, local and inner space, I question the reality we’re creating by subconsciously “going with the flow” of architectures designed before us. And so going with the standard the placement of a Latin passage that’s about pain — In The Templates of All Our Designs – without questioning this reality, and coming up with a new vision. 


New visions when placed create new paradigms, this is the order of designers of all kinds by nature. Simply by being seen, felt and heard in an organized, beautiful manner, an experience can be known, shared and remembered by many.


Designing the Templates of Existence would be what?


Template, Temple, Templum – the temple of our divine world, the spaces of our divinity, places to experience this divinity, places to experience this existence in an intentional, refined, defined and sophisticatedly fancy moment into the dream of a deified existence, and feeling this deification within our body. And which order of Gods and Angels do we believe in, is a part of our own existence and we call to bring it on into the experience and force of ourselves in these dimensions. The dimensions of humanity on earth in all our 3 dimensional experiences, and with the question of beyond, how we may endow the temples of the earth of existence beyond that is full of grace, love, honor and beautiful pleasure and bliss, or disrespect, hate, deceit and pain.


Where the latter affronts our nervous systems with chaos and incoherence, where we may become fraught with pain and ill insight. Where the body breaks down in discomfort and forgetting the beauty of our nature within, forgetting how to organize that beauty, forgetting what it is to be alive, vital and thriving within. Going with the Laws and embracing the cacophony of entropy, where the breakdown of our physical makeup is the physics of our universe and the epitome of imminent loss and rest into decay and then death. To where the dust of existence continues somewhere, perhaps swept into the sky, eaten and digested by the earth, swallowed by the waters, breathed by the air, penetrating the plasma and becoming the dust of stars…


And from there, reality may be created again… 


If we are the dust of the stars, and we are consciousness pulling together some material to make a life experience we want to, what would your consciousness pull together to create?


As creators of our experience, I am more into designing for love, pleasure, joy and gratitude. For me these are the values of life worth living, for these experiences create coherence, comfort and health. For the sheer experiences of the joys of mind, heart, choice, creation, connection, experience and all , bring us into the presence of embodied experience we can sit, stand, dance and live in, in a thriving way.


These experiences are felt within and may enmesh and dance with others, and what beautiful bonds we may make with these dreams of experiences which value life and living, the gift of sharing and giving, the places of receiving and feeling..


These spaces where we may turn on in all our bodies, all are mind, all our being into that which brings the heart into magnetic pulses of smooth waves of love, joy and gratitude, mind lightning strikes that domino effect through your body in the lines of the circuitry you’ve created, adapted to and molded according to your experiences and genetic line, whether intentional or not. 


Switch, turn-on, touch, swipe, envision, imagine, dream. Plug into that which beats your heart into the realms of coherence where your electrical conductivity, your biomagnetics switches on into endorphins of feeling good and health, and creates a rhythm, a rhyme, a ritual that is your own dynamic flow interacting with the dynamics of other flows. Waves of rocks in the puddle that crash into each other, splash, refract, merge, settle, bounce again according to the rules of the physical dynamics of things in place as elements of mixology. These molecules of water.. These molecules of water, the molecules of water.. We are so much water, we are such flow, and our architectures contain all this beautiful crystalline measure of existence through us, as we are.

So how will we turn on our temples? Our temple of our bodies which contain the spirit of our existence into embodiment right now in this time and space of earthen living in the sky of the cosmos in tensegrity in the web of life in all existence.


I’d start with recreating a new phrase in Latin for the temple of our designs.


And, as a direct translation many time switched back and forth between the translator* online, it came up with this phrase in English, and here’s the Latin according to the translator.


Bliss is the very bliss which adorns the abundance of life. It is the bliss of those who embrace their virtue and nature, that is, a beautiful experience that soothes the body, animated and living.


Beatitudo est ipsa beatitudo quae vitae abundantiam ornet. Beatitudo est eorum, qui virtutem ac naturam suam amplectuntur, id est, pulchra experientia, quae corpus, animatum et vivum mulcet.




Pleasure is the very pleasure which adorns the abundance of life. It is the pleasure of those who embrace their virtue and nature, that is, a beautiful experience that soothes the body, animated and living.


Voluptas est ipsa voluptas quae vitae abundantiam ornat. Voluptas eorum est, qui virtutem et naturam suam amplectuntur, id est, pulchra experientia, quae corpus, animatum et vivum, mulcet.


[ *Google Translate ]


I have officially changed all my sites templates to the first one. When I see Lorem Ipsum, I get a sick feeling, because it’s about sick human beings…

Will you, as a designer, developer or architect also change the way we design and what we’re consciously or subconsciously saying with our designe

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