Real people dreaming of real worlds anew

You Are a Dream Vessel

Welcome to our Dream Vessel Studio. Get lucid and we’ll share some secrets with you

In the New World We Are Creating dreams together


Dream Weaving

We love weaving dreams.

By weaving communities of conscious coherent experiences and technologies, we’ve been collecting and curating the brightest of minds dreaming a most beautiful world through their projects.

Dream Experiences

We create dream experiences that are heart warming, vision expanding and coherent life inducing.

95% of our mind is in the abyss of the dream realm — our subconscious mind — is on auto-pilot and controls most of our systems for us. Our minds are our gold mine, our hearts are our dream navigation, our waking thoughts are our directors. 

Get Lucid, get in the director chair of your own mind, and experience your dream world. 

Dream Design

We lay in bed dreaming about designs since we were born.

Directing Design of Experiences, Brands, Future Products and Metaverses, we’ve enjoyed being a part of dream worlds taking shape with the best tools for design, and some of the most amazing visionary artists, digital creators and developers in the world as our dream time friends.

Product & Metaverse Design

Incubating new experiences for new worlds. We have a track history that cannot be denied of calling the future of experience design in digital experiences.

Our experts are considered Imagineers, as they imagineer new ventures for the new wave of our digital futures.

Brand & Story Design

Branding is fun, it’s about becoming who or what we are.

We feature words and image smithing using the texture and nuances of creative storytelling, brand names, brand phrases, content creation, SEO, and just the right image for a product designed to meet the tastes of our people

Technology Consulting

As people are asking us to be on their teams again and again, we see the need for consulting to those beginning new digital projects.

We can help you see your project to the next level by dream designing with you and reviewing what your needs may be for full stack developers, artists and more. 

Our community is growing, and our abilities are always expanding. 

to tell you the truth

We Incubate Dreams

We are dreaming of new world possibilities in the landscapes of the virtual and the real. 

What does the world need most yet for every human being to become the CEO of their own world to become the best version of themselves for the beneficence of all people on our planet, and every product to have meaningful impact for the health of the earth’s biosystems.

About Dream Vessel Studio

Every Being Has a Dream

Once upon a time we were worlds apart, we didn’t know where or who was on earth, now, we’ve explored and we’re getting to know each other, globally. We’re getting to know the global universal truths of each being alive today, and that is, that we each have a dream to live a life we love.

It is our dream at Dream Vessel Studio to serve the new wave of dreams so many of us share by giving us the tools we need to more than survive, to live and go beyond sustainability, and arrive to an awakened dream of thriving reality.

Life is Beautiful, we have the opportunity right now on Earth to live in the most Beautiful Way we could every imagine, and dream.

Let’s Get Lucid.


What Our Dream Allies Say


D.E. Love of Dream Vessel is dreaming an evolutionary future for many generations to come and is living in the gift, for life.

Mark Wagnon

Conscious Cafe & Conscious Linguistics


I’m grateful for all that D.E. Love of Dream Vessel Studio has given me, it’s change my life, for the better. 

Zeek Wyatt

Coherence Developer. Coherent Loving Beings & CoreNexus


D.E. Love of Dream Vessel Studio has helped me see parts of me and my dream vision that helps me awaken to my dream life.

Tym Archer

Coherence Designer, Entrepreneur


D.E. Love of Dream Vessel Studio is exemplary in how she does everything, she could help benefit many with her approach.

Paul Cohen

Boss for Hire, Give You Agency

Dreaming Up Your New World Is A Thing

What would it take to dream up your new life, your new world?

Your Unique Dreamscape

You are an abundance of dreams and nightmares as your subconscious rules your world. Become lucid and make your reality your own, as you truly wish.

Design Your Piece

Design Yourself or Design Your Product, both ways, we have unique tools that will help you render your reality as you love to dream it.

Whole Systems Incubation

Our teams of advisors, designers, developers and dreamers may come to the rescue, have a piece to share, or simply inspire you to render your own DAO.

Dream Time Pricing



We All Have A Dream. Bring Yours Alive Now.